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The professional machine tool maker for 40 years,
we will provide precise and high inner durability products based
on high reliability and technology.
  T&GM Co., Ltd. is an
       expertise machine tool manufacturer, who provides the best technology and support with the
       enterprising spirit of always creating the new and challenging.

  T&GM Co., Ltd. is an
       We put the quality as the most importance, satisfy the international standard with cumulated        technology and know-how. We will do our best to satisfy the customers with advanced,        competitive and differentiated products.

  T&GM Co., Ltd. is an
       We will grow as the global enterprise, where higher the reliability and the value by continuously        developing the brand-new products grafting the advanced technology, not only in domestic market        but also in overseas by expanding the exports. We aim to be the Best Partner, who meets the        customer satisfactions.

  T&GM Co., Ltd. is an
       We pursue the thoughts of being faithful today and emphasizing the future.
CEO   Bae Gicheol